Simple, Safe, Painless Lancets

Eliminate the frustration, hazards, and pain of diabetes fingersticks with Pip Lancets.

How It Works

1. Twist cap in a complete circle to remove

2. Push gently against test site

3. Discard used lancet in appropriate container

See no needle. Fear no needle.

With Pip Lancets, the needle is fully concealed - reducing the anxiety, fear, and pain caused by regular lancet fingersticks.

all-in-one device

friendly design

Delivery right to your

Engineered to be all-in-one

Featured Products

Pip Lancets, 100ct Box



Includes 100 Lancets.

Pip Lancets provide a simpler way to test your blood-sugar. Each device is pre-loaded. Simply twist-off the cap and apply pressure. Device will activate gently against your fingertip to provide just the right amount of blood. No loading, unloading, depth setting or any other cumbersome aspects of traditional lancets and devices.

Needle is concealed before and after use. Using Pip eliminates the need to handle exposed needles which makes Pip the perfect choice for individuals with poor dexterity, children, or anyone that wants to eliminate the risk of being accidentally stuck by a needle.

Pip Lancets are available in 3 different sizes - choose the size you need based on your skin type.

Pip Lancets Carry Case



This Pip Lancets Carry Case allows you to carry up to 8 Pip Lancets with you anywhere you go. Leave it in your car, your backpack, your desk, or just as a better way to organize inside your meter kit!

Eliminate accidental pokes

Pip is trusted by more than 1,500 hospitals nationwide to eliminate accidental needlesticks. You deserve this assurance too.

I love these lancets, no more trying to load a lancet in the injector.

— Judy D.

So easy to carry and safer than the regular lancets.

— Dianna A.

I’m very impressed that I can draw blood with no pain whatsoever.

— Larry T.

Here's why you'll love Pip

There’s no risk
to try it

Try Pip for yourself. We’re pretty sure you’ll never go back to traditional lancets!

We’ll save you
time & trouble

Don’t stress about reordering. Pip Lancets are delivered regularly right to your doorstep.

You’re in the
driver’s seat

You choose the depth, quantity, and delivery frequency. Pause, skip, or cancel at any time.