Everything You Need to Know about the Pip Loyalty Program

Everything You Need to Know about the Pip Loyalty Program

Our wonderful Pip community means the world to us. And as a way of saying thank you to those who put their trust in our products, we recently launched the Pip Loyalty Program! Now, you can earn points and turn them into exclusive rewards! 

Of course, you’re likely wondering exactly how to earn points and what rewards are available. To help you get the most Pip rewards, we compiled a helpful guide with everything you need to know about the Pip Loyalty Program. 

How Do I Earn Points? 

There are lots of ways to earn points that you can redeem for rewards, including placing an order on our website. You can even earn points simply by interacting with our social media accounts, such as liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram. 

To get enrolled in our Loyalty Program and start earning points, all you have to do is set up a free account with us. If you already have a Pip account, you’re all set!



Here’s a quick breakdown of how to earn Pip rewards points: 

  • Spending $1 = 1 Points
  • Creating a Pip Account = 10 Points
  • Following our Instagram = 10 Points
  • Liking Our Facebook Page =10 Points
  • Having a Birthday (this one’s easy) = 10 Points
  • Referring a Friend (who spends $7+) = 50 Points (and your friend gets $5 off!) 

How Do I Use My Points? 


Hurray! You’re earning points! So, now what? Well, now it’s time to turn your points into rewards. Thankfully, our lovely team here at Pip has you covered. As your points accumulate in your account, you’ll automatically start becoming eligible for certain rewards. 



The way our rewards work is quite simple: 50 Points = $5 Off 

  • 50 Points = $5 Off 
  • 500 Points = 10 Off

How Do I Access My Rewards? 

You can easily manage your points and available rewards by visiting our Rewards Page and logging into your account. Keep in mind that points take 10 days to process. So if you don’t see your points immediately after placing an order, you should see them added to your account if you check again 10 days later. You can earn points at any time and your points will never expire after they’re added to your account. 

We will also send you monthly points updates and notify you whenever you have a new reward available, so be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox!

You can always check our FAQ page if you have any further questions about the Pip Loyalty Program. Create your account today and check out our online store to start earning!