Painless Prick Guaranteed!

7 Reasons

Why Pip is Your Next Favourite Lancet

We get it, painless lancets sounds like on oxymoron - a joke even. Which is why we’re offering our modern Pip Lancets with features that’ll make you happy - and pleasantly surprised, forever. Here are seven reason why Pip may be the best - and perhaps the only - lancets you ever buy.
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Hidden Needle Technology

With our lancets, you never see the needle, and never feel the prick. Hidden needle = no more dread! Our hidden needle helps you overcome your anxiety of painful pricks. No more jump scares, gritting your teeth or painful pokes that come with traditional lancets.
Painless Prick Guaranteed

6Our Customers Love Us!

Been using Pip for over a month and will not go back to buying from the pharmacy.


The lancets were great! They didn’t hurt my fingers. I was in the hospital recently and they even use these lancets there. I highly highly recommend them!!!

Carol. F.

It's exactly what they say it is! Painless! Now I can monitor my blood sugar without the hassle or pain!


5We are a Trusted Brand

We’ve been featured in numerous publications such as CBS News, Fox 28, 3WZ, Fox 40. News Net and Market Watch. Just to name a few!

Influencers can’t
get enough of us!

Check out @arianafrayer and her review of Pip! Or @flaawerr and her new favorite lancets! @mylifewithmody also loved her Pip Starter Kit!

User-Friendly Technology!

So user-friendly that our customers with children let them use Pip all on their own! Plus No Lancing device required!

“My 5-Year-Old Checks his Blood Sugar All Himself!”
- Jessica

Switch to Pip, a Painless Prick!

Is Super-Easy!

Pip offers free shipping and your money-back guaranteed if you're not 100% in love with Pip- because you'd expect nothing less.

We are trusted by over 1,500 Hospitals across the nation!

Over 1,800 Reviews

and Over 1,500 Hospitals rely on Pip for painless lancet use!

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