1. Twist cap in a complete
circle to remove

2. Push gently
against test site

3. Discard used lancet
in appropriate container

Some insurance companies will reimburse you if you submit a claim form or receipt. However, we are unable to bill your insurance directly.

Yes, Pip Lancets are safer for children than traditional lancets because of its self-contained needle. Your child will never see nor have access to an exposed needle.

Pip Lancets are compatible with all glucose meters to test your blood sugar.

No, Pip Lancets are completely independent of lancing devices. You never have to worry about using a lancing device again.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return the product within 14 days of purchase and receive a full refund.

When you sign up, we'll start you off with a Trial Set for just $9.99. Our Trial Set contains 50 total lancets (some of each size) and a Carry Case. You get about 2 weeks to try out Pip Lancets to make sure they work well for you. After the trial, we'll send you the first of your Refill shipments. Those shipments will continue at a pace that works best for your testing needs. A standard Refill shipment costs $15 and we have a preset number of intervals to choose from depending on how frequently you test your blood sugar. You are in full control and can modify or cancel your plan at any time!

While the needle will remain concealed both before and after use, we still are required to ask that you dispose of Pip Lancets in an appropriate manner as specified by your local requirements - just like with regular lancets.

When in doubt, hard plastic containers or sharps containers are your best bet.

No. Pip Lancets were specifically designed to be used only once. This prevents the risk of accidental needlesticks and infections and eliminates the need to change your needles after every test. If you prefer to re-use your needles, then Pip Lancets may not be the right product for you - unless, of course, you are looking to change your ways! :-)

The color of Pip Lancets designate 1) the size of the needle and 2) the length of the needle. If you do not already know which size you'd prefer, we recommend starting with Blue Pip Lancets. Blue is the smallest, shortest needles and is the most comfortable for most people. If you find that you need more blood, then you should try Purple next and then Orange - which is for individuals that have thicker skin. Note that you'll receive an assortment of all the sizes when you get the

It's best to start by washing your hands first, then selecting a spot on the side of your fingertip to test. This area tends to contain the fewest amount of nerve endings in most people, but everyone is different. If you find a spot that consistently gives you the right amount of blood and is more comfortable, then that is totally fine. After poking your finger, just give the finger a gentle squeeze and you'll get the perfect amount of blood.

Pip Pen Needles

Pip Pen Needles have a universal fit and should work with most pen injectors.


We hate to see you go! You can cancel your Refill Plan by visiting your Account Page and selecting "Cancel Plan" at the bottom-right of the screen next to your Refill Plan details.

You can modify your Refill Plan by going to your Account Page. You're able to add or remove products, change the next Shipment Date, or adjust how often your Refill ships. Just click on the section you'd like to modify and take it from there.

General Questions

Here is the link to create your account: Create Account or if you already have an account click here: Account Page

You can return unopened products and receive a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

Yes, we do! Our Complete Starter Pack includes a meter, 50 test strips, 50 lancet samples, and a carry case for just $29.95!

At the present time, we ship only to the United States. We hope to ship to more countries soon!

Yes! Shipping is free on all orders.

Orders are usually shipped within 1 business day and will arrive within 3-5 business days. If you need them sooner, you may select expedited shipping at checkout.

Meters & Test Strips

Your blood sugar is constantly changing. It is not abnormal to receive different readings, even when testing back to back.

Most meters can read 10 to 20 pts different. When changing meters, it is important to test often and track your readings to determine your "new" normal for your new meter.

1) Perform a control solution test. 2) Wait 20 to 30 minutes to retest.

We recommend speaking with your primary care physician to determine what is best for you.

Alternative test sites need to be approved by your primary care physician. Our meter is compatible with alternative test sites including the forearm, palm and fingertips.

See pg. 14 of the Pip User Manual or read directions below: 1. Press and hold power button. 2. The meter will run a series of self tests. A smiley face will appear on the screen before entering the main mode. 3. After a flashing test strip icon appears on the meter display screen, press the up button TWICE until the meter display screen shots a clock. 4. Press the power button and the current year will flash. Use an up button and a down button to the select the correct year. Press the power button to confirm your choice and move on to set the month. SET MONTH 5. The current month wil lflash. Use the up or down buttons to select the correct month. Press the power button to confirm your choice and advance to set the day. SET THE DAY 6. The current day will flash. Use "up" or "down" button to select the correct day. Press the power button to confirm your choice and advance to set the 12 hour or 24 or hour time format. 7. The time format will flash. Use the up or down button to select the correct hours. Press the power button to confirm your choice and advance to set the hour. 8. The current hour will flash. Use the up or down buttons to select the correct hours. Press the power button to confirm your choice and advance to set the minutes. 9. The current minutes will flash. Use the up or down buttons to select the correct buttons. Press the power button to confirm your choice and exit time setup.

Meter and strips should be stored at any temperature between 41 degrees F and 86 degrees F.

The expiration date is written on the package. Typically your strips should last approximately 720 days. However, in order to ensure they don't expire early, you need to keep the bottle sealed at all times unless removing a test strip from the bottle.

The Pip meter does NOT offer Bluetooth at this time. Our mission is to make managing your diabetes as simple and seamless as possible. We have heard from many customers about the frustrations they face in dealing with Bluetooth on their monitors. We decided that having a meter without Bluetooth would help simplify this process. :)

Only a tiny 0.8 μL drop of blood is required for an accurate reading.

We do not currently offer this feature with this meter. However, we provide you with a log book, so you can keep track and share with your Endocrinologist.