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Why Pip?

Pip lancets make checking your blood sugar quick, easy and pain-free. They come in a disposable, all-in-one device so there’s no lancing device required when you use them. Simply twist off the cap, press Pip against your finger and dispose of the lancet when you’re done.


Friendly Design

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See no needle. Fear no needle.

With Pip Lancets, the needle is fully concealed - reducing the anxiety, fear, and pain caused by regular lancet fingersticks. Pip’s all-in-one design makes it great for on-the-go blood sugar testing! Join the Pip Family

Pip Lancets vs. Old fashioned Lancets

painless Pip
No Exposed Needle
No Loading Hassle
Standardized gauge and depth
Painless & Risk-free

Managing your blood sugar can be tough. We make it easy by taking the risk for you. If you don’t love it, it’s on us. Try Risk Free

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